Your Appointment

Outpatient :

If you are scheduled for an Outpatient Clinical Assessment, please be aware that the assessment will take 3-4 hours. This assessment is to determine the severity of the problems and intensity of treatment needed. It is very important that you have your schedule cleared to be present for the entirety of the assessment. Please make arrangements with your transportation to be able to either stay the 3-4 hours or pick you up when the assessment is completed.

Please bring with you:

  1. Insurance card/Illinois Medicaid card
  2. Income verification (recent paycheck stub, W-2, or letter from Social Security Administration)
  3. Photo ID
  4. List of all prescribed medication
  5. DUI Evaluations, if applicable

Your participation in treatment is confidential and information about you will be provided only when you give us permission to do so in writing.

Detox and/or Residential Rehabilitation :

What to bring:

  1. You may bring 5-6 changes of clothes (The Fellowship House provides washers, dryers, and laundry detergent)
  2. Personal hygiene/toiletries (deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, make-up, feminine products)
  3. A 30 day supply of all prescribed medications you are taking. Please bring a statement from your physician stating the medication dosage and when the medication is to be taken.
  4. Insurance card/Illinois Medicaid card
  5. Income verification (recent paycheck stub, W-2, or letter from Social Security Administration)
  6. Photo ID


  1. You or your family/friends cannot bring your own food/drinks into the facility. All meals and snacks are provided.
  2. Bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels are provided by The Fellowship House. Please leave your own linens at home.
  3. Cigarettes/chewing tobacco brought with you at admission must be sealed, unopened packs/cans.
  4. No loose (roll your own) tobacco is allowed and No e-cigarettes/vapor oil allowed.
  5. Understand that you cannot bring in cell phones, radios, televisions, DVD players, or computers.
  6. Reading material must be approved before it will be allowed.
  7. Inform your FAMILY/FRIENDS who are supportive and encouraging your recovery that you can receive mail at 800 North Main Street, Anna, IL 62906. You can purchase stamps to send letters as well.
  8. Inform your supportive and encouraging family/friends that their visitation is dependent upon their participation in the family programs, your length of time in treatment, and type of program you are admitted into.  More information will be provided by your Case Manager.
  9. The agency does not cash personal checks for patients while in treatment.  Money orders only will be cashed by the agency. Money orders must be made out to The Fellowship House and filled out completely or they cannot be cashed.
  10. Understand that the following may result in your immediate DISCHARGE: Physical or verbal abuse of staff or other patients; bringing alcohol, other drugs, weapons of any kind, leaving the grounds without permission, smoking inside the facility, or breaking a contract.
  11. Your participation in treatment is confidential and information about you will be provided only when you give us permission to do so in writing. You must keep other patients’ identities confidential as well.
The Fellowship House